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A Lead Is a Puppy

Have your children ever asked for a puppy? You probably had some variation of the standard reply, “Puppies are a lot of…

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Email Lists: 3 Extreme Dangers and 3 Huge Advantages

Email marketing is one of the best ways to recruit new agents and grow your business, but of course, you need a list to…

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Gradient Financial

Campaign Spotlight: 11,000 Leads in One Year

This year, we exceeded 11,000 leads for one of our digital-only advertisers: Gradient Financial Group. This is more…

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WOW Winner Susan Rupe

Did you WOW Someone Today?

Many years ago, I realized that in order for my business to be a company, it needed to have a solid structure in place…

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Our 20-Mile Marches

As I write this column, the industry has filed multiple lawsuits and is facing one of the most important legal battles…

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Native Advertising

Campaign Spotlight: Native Advertising

Prudential, MetLife, AIG Engage INN to Write Content Marketing experts have been buzzing with a different advertising…

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