A Content Marketing Partnership at Its Best

Tucker Advisors has built up solid brand recognition in the industry. Their bright orange brand color and striking ads are hard to miss. They were running great advertising campaigns with us – using consistency, branding and messaging that led with a benefit, along with strong positioning of their CEO, Karlan Tucker.

Most companies only wish they had the ironclad brand and advertising consistency of Tucker – but we wanted to take it even further.
Our marketing team offered some recommendations to make their campaigns more effective. Our recommendations were centered on a content marketing approach, incorporating a missing key element into all of Tucker’s advertising efforts – a lead generation component with specific tracking for each campaign.

Milk Truck Story Landing Page

Storytelling = leads

In their first email marketing effort with this new approach, we positioned an audio recording they had in their marketing file called “Karlan Tucker’s Milk Truck Story” – this unique story piqued the curiosity of our list, and more than 500 advisors filled out the form to hear how to sell using the “Milk Truck Story.”

Annuity Showcase

Positioning through thought leadership

Knowing that one of their strategies is to position their CEO, Karlan Tucker, we recommended an advertorial in our Annuity Thought Leadership section in the Big Annuity Issue of InsuranceNewsNet Magazine. We interviewed Karlan Tucker and wrote and designed a two-page advertorial spread that worked to position him and Tucker Advisors as thought leaders in an engaging Q&A format. And, with the knowledge that the “Milk Truck Story” was well-received by our online audience, we added it as an offer to drive leads.

False Cover

Branded confidence

To even further position Karlan Tucker and do some more storytelling, Tucker was showcased on our false cover in August with a full advertorial on the inside cover. We positioned another audio file, “How to Sell with Confidence,” as the lead generation magnet – driving advisors to a campaign-specific landing page: www.TuckerConfidence.com.

June Print Ad/Landing Page copymypractice.com

Campaign-specific landing pages

Each month we help support Tucker’s print campaign with a vanity URL and landing page that captures leads and sends them in real time for them to follow up. We track each campaign for them on a client dashboard, ensuring we know what campaigns are working.