The InsuranceNewsNet marketing team is the dedicated advertising department for and InsuranceNewsNet Magazine.

This award-winning team provides comprehensive creative services for more than 100 insurance carriers, BGAs, marketing organizations and other-industry advertisers who promote a wide variety of services through INN’s media outlets. These outlets include the trade magazine and multiple websites, eNewsletters and niche email lists.

The team also provides full agency services, offering branding, strategy, copywriting and design for everything from corporate collateral to lead nurturing campaigns.

All told, they work on over a thousand projects a year, generating leads in the tens of thousands as well as substantial business growth for their loyal partners.

Paul Feldman is the founder and publisher of InsuranceNewsNet, the industry’s No. 1 magazine and website for agents, carriers and distributors. Paul is a third-generation insurance industry professional, with 22 years of experience from dinner table sales to recruiting to marketing and, since 1999, publishing. Over the past 16 years, his marketing efforts have directly resulted in more than  170,000 agent leads for BGAs, marketing organizations and carriers. To learn more about Paul go to 

Katie Frazier brings 14 years of experience in lead generation, copywriting, strategy and brand development to her role as VP of Marketing for INN. Prior to joining INN in 2013, she spent seven years working on national and international branding campaigns for one of the top B2B agencies in the nation. Her primary focus at INN is to partner with advertiser clients to develop strategy and messaging that speak to what really matters to financial advisors.

Kristi Raynor is InsuranceNewsNet’s content strategist, providing content and strategy for INN’s print and digital advertisers. Kristi has more than 20 years of experience developing content, directing design, leading branding initiatives and providing excellent customer service. Her specialties are out-of-the-box creative concepts and on-brand copy.

Sharon Brtalik is the “details police” of InsuranceNewsNet, ultimately ensuring every client gets exactly what they want with their final ads. Her extensive background in marketing and publishing includes work for Motor Trend Auto Shows, PA Rural Electric Association and JCPenney Advertising.

John Muscarello is a copywriter at InsuranceNewsNet, collaborating and consulting with advertisers to write integrated digital and print campaigns that effectively generate leads. Prior to joining INN, he executed influencer marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 brands. His specialties are email marketing, digital direct response and writing engaging content that achieves client objectives.

James (Jimmy Mac) McAndrew is a former financial advisor and life insurance agent. In addition to multiple industry licenses, Jimmy brings a dozen years of direct-response copywriting experience to the InsuranceNewsNet marketing team. His specialties include high-impact, direct-response print and email campaigns, as well as advertorial content that instantly connects with readers.

Jacob Haas is InsuranceNewsNet’s award-winning creative director, commanding 15 years of experience. He has spent his last 8 years at INN applying his web and print design skills to literally thousands of marketing and editorial pieces. His passion lies in exploring unexpected solutions to develop highly-visual campaigns that are powerful, unique and lasting.

Bernie Uhden brings his 18 years of web and graphic design experience to InsuranceNewsNet as Senior Multimedia Designer, implementing exciting web and print campaigns for INN’s clients. Before coming to INN, Bernie worked for AAA and advertising agencies – working on everything from senatorial re-election campaigns to full-fledged ecommerce websites. Bernie enjoys drawing upon this experience to bring INN’s clients the leads and marketing responses they expect.

Shawn McMillion is a detail-oriented designer who will go out of his way to add that extra touch of magic to every project. Web, print, animation, you name it, he has probably done it. While his skills are vast, he specializes in photo manipulation, and he always tries to inject humor in his work. If you can’t tell that something has been Photoshopped, then he has done his job right!