A Lead Is a Puppy

Have your children ever asked for a puppy? You probably had some variation of the standard reply, “Puppies are a lot of…

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Email Lists: 3 Extreme Dangers and 3 Huge Advantages

Email marketing is one of the best ways to recruit new agents and grow your business, but of course, you need a list to…

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Gradient Financial

Campaign Spotlight: 11,000 Leads in One Year

This year, we exceeded 11,000 leads for one of our digital-only advertisers: Gradient Financial Group. This is more…

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WOW Winner Susan Rupe

Did you WOW Someone Today?

Many years ago, I realized that in order for my business to be a company, it needed to have a solid structure in place…

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Our 20-Mile Marches

As I write this column, the industry has filed multiple lawsuits and is facing one of the most important legal battles…

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Native Advertising

Campaign Spotlight: Native Advertising

Prudential, MetLife, AIG Engage INN to Write Content Marketing experts have been buzzing with a different advertising…

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Big Data

How to Harness the Power of BIG Data in Marketing to Advisors

“Big data” has become a buzzword many marketers are throwing around these days, but many companies still don’t know…

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Copywriting - A Joke

Copywriting is a Joke

Over 10 years ago, I was a professional touring comedian. It was a unique experience that I’ve been able to somehow…

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Trump Your Competition: Make Your Marketing Great Again

Many are wondering “How did Donald Trump actually win the Republican nomination for president?” The other 16 candidates…

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Marketing Forces Dan Kennedy & Paul Feldman

How to Awaken Your Marketing Force in 2016

This past December, I attended Dan Kennedy’s two-and-a-half-day Media Mastermind meeting in Cleveland, Ohio. In the…

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Bad Business Practice

Divorcing Bad Business Practices

This column is a slight departure from the norm, but it’s an important story to share. Earlier this year, after 20…

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Great Ads have immortal life

There Is No Death: How to Give Great Ads Immortal Life

The final statement in the five-line Jedi code mantra is, “There is no death; there is the Force.” When you look at…

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DOL Newsletters

Campaign Spotlight: DOL Fiduciary Rule Webinars

What’s the Deal, DOL? More than 1,200 Advisors Registered to Find Out! We not only broke the news that Congress failed…

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5 Insurance Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2017

Marketing will surely play a huge role in carrying out positioning and strategy before, during and after the…

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Become a Lead Magnet Jedi Master

When it comes to everything you know about lead magnets, take a piece of advice from the wise Yoda: “You must unlearn…

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Campaign Spotlight: Imeriti Financial Network

The award-winning InsuranceNewsNet marketing team closely partners with Imeriti to develop ad campaigns that are…

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Marketing Amish Style

Is Your Marketing Amish?

Over the course of my 24-year-long career in the insurance and financial industry, I’ve certainly seen a lot. But one…

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Anatomy of an eBlast: The 7 Working Parts of a Healthy Email Promotion

I’ve always been one to take things apart to see how they work, and that scientific curiosity has translated well to…

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Get Productive Leads

Why the Number of Leads You Generate Doesn’t Matter

Did you know that according to Forrester Research, 99 percent of leads never convert into customers? That’s right —…

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INN Marketing Plan Strategy

6 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Yearly Marketing Plan

It’s that time of year again when we look ahead to next year — oh, the possibilities! Smart marketing planning…

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Effective Strategy is your Rocket Fuel

Add Some Rocket Fuel to Your Business

How would you like to add some rocket fuel to your sales in 2016? Imagine if it were possible to do this without…

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Marketing is the single greatest business investment

One of the Greatest Investments Ever

If someone offered you a dollar in exchange for 50 cents, how much would you give? If you are like most, you would…

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Advertorials are the newest form of compelling marketing

The Scoop on Advertorials (Your New Favorite Ad)

An ongoing trend in advertising is to blur the lines between editorial content and advertisements, which is why you’ve…

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Tucker Partnerships

Campaign Spotlight: Tucker Advisors

A Content Marketing Partnership at Its Best Tucker Advisors has built up solid brand recognition in the industry. Their…

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Content Marketing is the new buzz phrase

Trending Content Marketing Tactics (and Why They Work)

I’m going to tell you something that you’re not going to like. Most insurance marketers don’t do a good job of content…

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Generate Leads Effectively

How to Generate More Leads, Win More Business and Create an Everlasting Brand

If you want to attract more business and grow your existing relationships, I suggest you pay close attention to this…

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The Rule of Something

The Rule of Something

They say that half of a loaf of bread is better than no bread at all, and the same is true for your marketing. All too…

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Effective White Paper Offerings

How to Write a White Paper for Lead-Gen Campaigns

A highly effective way to acquire more prospects for your funnel is to offer a free white paper in exchange for…

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Branding Your Company Image

Big Branding for FMOs, BGAs and Carriers

What is your brand and what does it say about your company? For many companies, branding is frequently ignored, because…

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Campaign Spotlight: Brookstone Capital Management

Campaign BreakdownWhen Brookstone Capital Management wanted to launch its new RIA platform, it turned to…

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Get Too Many Leads

“Too Many Leads!” Attracting More Agents with Your Ad Copy

We received an email from a client the other day with the subject line “Too many leads!” This client literally had to…

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Lead Generation - Attracting High Quality Leads

All Leads are Not Created Equal

Generating leads and new business is the primary reason why marketing exists. Over the years, marketing has evolved and…

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Are you leaking agents?

Are You Leaking Agents?

A good friend of mine, who is a senior marketing executive at a major carrier, once told me that “every agent you have…

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Producer Lifetime Value

How Much Is a Contracted Producer Really Worth?

Sadly, many marketing organizations don’t know what the lifetime value (LV) of a producer is to their business. Nor do…

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The Same Wind Blows

Ever wonder how a company, armed with basically the same products, seems to rise to a different level in what is…

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eMarketing Smarts For Success

Successful eMarketing Landing Page Conversion A successful eMarketing landing page should include a clear, valuable and…

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The power of testimonials

The Proof in Testimonials

I’m an avid traveler and I never book an accommodation without reading the reviews. The last trip I went on was a…

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Why would an agent contract with you?

Why Would an Agent Contract with You?

The other day I was speaking with an FMO client about their new campaign with us. In looking to differentiate them, I…

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Peak Pro - Lots of Leads!

Campaign Spotlight: Peak Pro

Campaign Breakdown The campaign has generated record-setting leads and ROI for Peak Pro in 2014. A total of 3,832 leads…

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