This year, we exceeded 11,000 leads for one of our digital-only advertisers: Gradient Financial Group. This is more than double what they received last year with the same placements. Make no mistake: Last year was a very good year. This year their marketing with InsuranceNewsNet just hit the stratosphere.

What Changed?

1. Focusing primarily on their email blasts, with three separate campaigns per month (which were supported by banner ad placements), we went full-force with what we call “if it ain’t broke’ marketing.” If we saw a campaign pull big numbers, we weren’t afraid to run it every single month.

2. Only one of the three campaigns that ran each month was based on new content. If it lived up to the mega-pullers, it made it in the rotation. If not, it was retired.

3. We received outstanding content from Gradient to use as lead magnets. The content was incredibly valuable to our advisor subscribers and included important updates on Social Security laws and the Department of Labor ruling.

4. Every month, we had a strategy session where we laid out the plan for the month ahead. We earned Gradient’s trust, they let us drive, and we over-delivered in an epic way.