Prudential, MetLife, AIG Engage INN to Write Content

Marketing experts have been buzzing with a different advertising method labeled “native ads.” And it’s no surprise that this form of content marketing is part of the strategy of some of the top insurance carriers in the nation.

This year, three brand-name carriers not only engaged InsuranceNewsNet to deliver native content to our audience but also trusted our award-winning marketing team to write the content for them. Here’s a look at just a few of the native content pieces we helped carriers develop.

What Are Native Ads?

Native advertising is a form of content marketing —­ a type of paid media in which the ad itself follows the form and function of the user experience where it is placed. In other words, effective native ads don’t look or feel like ads at all; they’re user-friendly content experiences designed by brands to engage users who are already in a content consumption mode.