Campaign Breakdown

The campaign has generated record-setting leads and ROI for Peak Pro in 2014. A total of 3,832 leads were generated, and their business is seeing radical growth, as evidenced by the following results they’ve reported:

  • Recruited over 150 advisors.
  • Expanded sales and marketing staff to handle leads.
  • Expanded office space by 5,000 square feet (triple) to handle growth.

peak_pro_campaignsClient Testimonial

“Since Peak Pro started a campaign with InsuranceNewsNet, we have been able to stop our previous marketing efforts entirely. Peak Pro was cold calling off a list, and broadcast emailing old and new lists.

Having a significant amount of leads has allowed me to have some predictability and certainty within the company. I have been able to set up a new business plan and increase planning budget.

Currently we have 4 Sales Development Advisors. With the amount of leads and revenue generated from the leads we are actively hiring 5-6 more SDAs.

This growth has allowed us to move to an office 3 times the size we are in now. We are in a 2,400-square-foot office and will be moving to a 7,400-square-foot office October 1st.

In my 17 years in this industry, I have never worked with an advertising/magazine company that has the professionalism, intelligence, drive and even inspiration as INN.”

Chris Zuniga
President, Peak Pro Financial