Operation: Landing Page

Learn how to operate on your pages like a professional marketing surgeon! This poster is an easy-to-follow guide that helps keep you focused on the overall health and wellbeing of your landing pages. Take your blasts from the infirmary to the health club by implementing our best practices.

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Force Powers of Jedi Marketing

The InsuranceNewsNet marketing team created this powerful poster with 7 key “forces” you don’t want to forget. This cool reference includes how to use “Force Push/Pull,” “Force Empathy” and more to gather better testimonials to position yourself as a solution and to recruit more, better agents.

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The 38 Essentials of Successful Marketing

This poster by Paul Feldman is inspired by the classic David Ogilvy ad, “How to create advertising that sells.” It features the 38 essentials to successful marketing in the insurance and financial industry.

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The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

As appeared in InsuranceNewsNet Magazine, Al Ries’ “laws” include The Law of Contraction, The Law of Subbrands, The Law of Fellowship and 19 other essentials to making your brand a success. With this poster on your wall, you will be in the company of Disney, Ford, H&R Block and the other powerhouse companies Ries has inspired over the years.

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6 Principles of Epic Content Marketing

As appeared in InsuranceNewNet Magazine, these 6 principles by content marketing guru Joe Pulizzi are presented in poster format with a special bonus by publisher, Paul Feldman. Whether you’re considering or already implementing content marketing, keep “The Six Principles of Epic Content Marketing” handy so you can reach your content marketing goals.

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